Scouts Unite Collection

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This collection is inspired by Sailor Moon I grew up watching this cartoon but I made this collection for my sister she is a BIG Sailor Moon fan!!

Each polish is inspired by the 5 main Sailor Scouts


•Princess of the Moon is inspired of course by Sailor Moon I did the colors of her transformation wand.

This polish has a pink base with scattered holo, fine and micro holo glitters in silver and gold.

•Guardian of Water is inspired by Sailor Mercury. This glitter topper has holo light blue and silver glitter.

It's good on its own 2-3 coats will give you full coverage or 1 coat over your favorite polish will do the trick. It's super sparkly!!

•Guardian of Thunder is inspired by Sailor Jupiter. It has a green jelly base with micro and fine holo glitters in silver and green.

•Guardian of Love is inspired by Sailor Venus. This is a glitter topper full of holo orange and gold glitters.

It's beautiful on its own full coverage in 2 - 3 coats or 1 coat over a base color plus it's perfect for fall!!

•Guardian of Fire is inspired by Sailor Mars. It has a red jelly base full of red, silver and gold holo glitters.

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